You might see us sitting in your lobby like weirdos.
07 January 2021

by Reuben Butterfield

You might see us sitting in your lobby like weirdos.

Some of the work we are most passionate about involves bringing brands to life in public spaces, and designing experiences that people will engage and interact with. When dreaming up solutions for this kind of project, you might find us spending a little time sitting back and watching the space.

Not just going through the motions of an experience once ourselves (though we’ll likely insist on doing that too!), but watching how others are experiencing it. Where are things flowing? Where are they not? Where is there opportunity for an improved user experience? Where is there opportunity to make the interaction shine just a little more for your customers / clients? Where is there opportunity to reinforce your brand expression and create some energy? Where is there opportunity to tell your story?

It’s amazing what you can learn about a public space (or any other user experience for that matter) by watching it in use. All kinds of interesting patterns and issues and scenarios arise that we’d never see if we only asked our clients about it, or if we only ever look at it from “behind the counter” so to speak.

So, if we’re working with you and it’s possible to do so, this is an area we might ask about, or insist on doing in order to provide the best solutions possible.

We’d love to see how we can help fully bring your brand to life and improve the experience and flow of your business! Reach out. Let’s have a virtual coffee and discuss your project and how we can help. Cheers!

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