Spruce is a lovely little up-cycling and curated goods shop based in Brentwood Bay, BC. Over the years, we’ve collaborated with them to bring their message to the community in a wide range of ways.


Brand design, expression evolution, artwork creation, gear concepts, print design, design, development and maintenance of a custom website.

Spruce Icon
Spruce Logo Design
spruce graphic items
Spruce Babe Clothing Lifestyle Logo
Spruce Babe Clothing Lifestyle Logo
Dynamic Expression

Part of the beauty of working with a small shop is that the expression can be more fluid and responsive than a lot of other brands. We created an evolving range of ways the logo and overall identity expresses and comes to life.

Rolling it out

We created a custom, clean, minimalist website to compliment their new shop, and continuously partner with Spruce to create solutions for curated gear, screen printing, embroidery and more.


Our ongoing partnership with Spruce has included everything from custom artwork to signage, mural concepts to printed pieces and everything in between.