COVID Classic Identity

To unite the running community in Victoria and beyond, a small group of runners had an idea to organize a virtual run event. We created the identity and continue to be involved in organizing and promoting the event to local and regional runners of all levels.

We hope to see this event grow in some really cool ways in 2020 and 2021!


Identity creation, brand expression guide, gear design, social media direction, photography and. more.


We needed to get creative with how we brought the Covid Classic gear to life, both from a financial aspect and a conservation / footprint perspective. We chose to setup with a Canadian drop shipping solution to provide on demand gear.


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An identity system needs to be able to express at a wide range of sizes. From socks to billboards, we’re pretty happy with how this one scales!


We had a vision for an Instagram-first marketing approach for this brand and worked with the team to bring it to life.