Brentwood Bay Resort

This little gem is nestled on the shores of a lovely cove on the beautiful Saanich Peninsula. We started working with them to kick off 2019 and have modernized countless aspects of the brand and their approach to marketing and experience design throughout the resort.


Brand modernization, asset creation and management, print design, stationery design, collateral, handbooks, vision and strategy, social media expression, inter-departmental marketing strategy.

Sustainability Focus

A core part of the expression and experience here is about making responsible decisions. We begin every design and marketing project by asking key questions such as: Do we need to print in the first place? If so, what is the softest path we can take? Can we make things reusable that otherwise might be single use? Can we give things more than one purpose?

Expression design

New colours for each department to align with strategy and experience intentions, modern visuals, and updated touch points throughout the resort.

Room Experience

Guest experiences are everything in the boutique hotel industry. We started with an audit of what was in place and began rolling out a new family of experience collateral, with many more ideas rolling out in the seasons to come.

Visuals to engage

Everywhere we look with this client, there’s an opportunity to create something cool. From updating little notepads to redesigning guest comment cards, we partner to create a consistent, cohesive and engaging experience for guests.

A responsible touch

In our work with the Resort, it became clear that a key value was good corporate citizenship and caring for our environment. This has become a driver in how we approach every aspect of the brand.

A voice for each department

Each area of the resort needed to have its own voice and own unique experience, tied together by a common thread of the brand as a whole. We chose colours with intention and purpose to create a harmonious and elevated feel in every department.

Find your way

All property signage needed to be updated and modernized. We created a simple, clean and highly visible expression for the signage that will be rolled out over 2020.