Packaging Matters!
07 January 2021

by Reuben Butterfield

Packaging Matters!

Packaging is wildly important to the success and viability of a product. This seems fairly clear and obvious, yet there are countless poorly packaged products on shelves that have not taken the basics into consideration when being prepared. And when small businesses are making packaging decisions, it’s a bit of a rabbit hole.

While researching a recent compostable packaging project for Karma Coffee Roasters for example, we discovered that a lot of the packaging available on the market is single use, disposable, cheaply produced, and very generic. Even the ones that on the surface are described as compostable or recyclable often have valves or fasteners that will not break down or come off the packaging easily to be recycled.

These traits aren’t signs of a quality product, intentional company, or people who care. They are the traits of something unsustainable and finished that cannot go on.

While the exact packaging recommendations and directions are still in the works for this client, we thought we’d share a couple of the concepts we created.

We learned a tonne on this project and would love to discuss packaging your products for success!

Bringing it to life

Applying the Karma brand to our concepts for the packaging was fun and vibrant. We created a series of custom icons and colours specific to each roast and ensured there was a consistent and harmonious expression across the full line. We’re looking forward to seeing this roll out!

We’d love to see how we can help fully bring your brand to life and improve the experience and flow of your business! Reach out. Let’s have a virtual coffee and discuss your project and how we can help. Cheers!

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