It’s been a few years since we created our own brand, and frankly, it’s gotten a little stale. The business has evolved. We have grown and changed. Our identity stopped being a reflection of our team and it was time to practice what we preach: Move forward and do big things.

Like many great things, the discussion of what our new identity should look like started over beers (in Copenhagen no less!). We agreed that one thing was for certain: We didn’t like what we had. The logo was tired and challenging. The colours stale. It didn’t scale down nicely and looked busy and cluttered. The fonts were a little weird and dated. We’re done with that chapter and moving on to the next.



Out with the old. In with the new.



Inspired by Bauhaus style. Yes, Bauhaus has been referenced to death, but for fantastic reason. It’s awesome. Clean, clear, chunky. What more could you want?



iterate, iterate, iterate…
We were working on this between client projects and in hindsight really value the start/stop approach as it allowed us an iterative process we might have otherwise treated a little differently. It wasn’t efficient, and we tried a lot of different directions. Here’s a few samples:




Adding some serious colour to the mix.
We’ve always had a love affair with charcoal and white. Together they are clean, sharp, modern, sophisticated and versatile. But we needed more. We needed something to truly modernize our identity and celebrate diversity in culture within our little team and create something open and appealing with some good vibes.




We’re not done!
We’ve got more plans for how we’ll implement the new brand over the coming weeks and months to what we do, but for the moment we wanted to share this with you and the world. We hope you love it!