The Coach Approach

Code name:
The Coach Approach (may also be the forever name, we’ll see!)⁣

What it’s all about:
As you all know, we have a deep love for super small business. For many years this was our namesake when we were “MicroBrand”. One person shops. Solopreneurs. Owner/Operators. Tradespeople juggling different hats from their mobile office. Jugglers. Cat herders. The two-phone’rs. The steel toed marketing managers. You get the idea… ⁣

After years of working, and talking with these groups and developing amazing relationships with so many great clients, we’ve become hyper-aware of two key challenges that are universal:⁣

First, business owners have a persistent desire to do more to push their businesses forward. Marketing, social media, advertising, branding, etc. It can be overwhelming. ⁣

And second, resources are limited. Budget yes, but also the time and knowledge to keep consistent action in their marketing and branding efforts. ⁣

Because of the first, we know there’s a deep need. ⁣

Because of the second, we are unable to contribute in all the ways we want to. We have conversations that go unfinished. We have brilliant ideas that never see the light of day. We have efforts that only make it halfway. ⁣

The Coach Approach addresses these challenges and increases the reach of the businesses we work with and the value we add. ⁣

We’ll be offering both a group format and 1:1 coaching to empower and provide marketing and branding guidance to small business owners. ⁣

Starting with a core group in December. ⁣
Everything will be online and we’ll help get your thoughts and efforts aligned, and push forward to kick off 2021.⁣

Apply here and we’ll be in touch with details and more!

How are you keeping things fun and productive with your team?
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