Taking Your Business Online & Keeping it Fun

With teams all over the world suddenly shifting to a remote model, we thought we’d share a few quick thoughts on some ideas to keep things fun. For more of a deep dive on some thoughts for working from home, check out this post.

Connect Over Music

What better way to connect than through music? Sharing playlists and music recommendations can change someone’s day and whole vibration in a great, big, lovely way.

Video calls

A number of free solutions exist on the market. Duo, Skype, FaceTime, Zoom meetings, etc. etc. etc. Make use of these great tools and stay connected!

Virtual coffee bar

This is something our little team did a few years ago when we were struggling to stay connected across timezones, cultures and working hours. Using Podio, we created an app to re-create the concept of an office coffee pot. The first person in for the day would create a little entry in the app as the “first pot of coffee” kind of thing… A bit geeky yes, but it worked to create conversation and connection, and evolved to be a spot to share a photo of something happening in our respective days / locations, etc. A fun little idea.

Silly challenges aren’t just for social media!

Go ahead, challenge your teammate to do some pushups, plank, or a silly dance. Whatever. It keeps things fun and engaging and keeps the smiles flowing.

How are you keeping things fun and productive with your team?
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