What is Podio?

Podio is a project management and collaboration software that can help you streamline your office workflow. This software allows you to easily communicate between staff, keep all your client information in one database, and see the status of all projects you have on the go.

Here at MicroBrand, we use it for everything from simple daily tasks to complicated projects. It was even ranked as one of the 5 most affordable tools best suited for small business collaboration by business.com!

How can Podio help your business?

Align people, projects, and deadlines:

Podio allows you to create projects with detailed descriptions so that you can share your work in one convenient place. You can add people, dates, goals and metrics, and more to your project, and even upload any file format. Podio will automatically notify you of any progress, changes, or comments on your projects so that you can stay updated. We use it for everything from our daily schedule to keeping track of what invoices need to be sent.

Have productive meetings:

You can assign work in real-time so your meetings have a clear agenda. Record every detail about your meeting, from attendees to agenda to minutes, and easily access these records anytime to keep track of decisions and actions to take.

Stay organized:

Connect discussions, deadlines, meetings and tasks to get a full view of your day. Podio allows you to link projects to your clients or your calendar, assign specific tasks to specific people, maintain a live stream of comments wherever you need, and more. We share a calendar in our office, and comment back and forth on projects so we’re not constantly interrupting each other!

Be connected, wherever you are:

Use the powerful mobile apps for Android or Apple to keep in touch on the go. This is how we keep in touch when we’re on the go, whether we’re meeting with clients or out at a photoshoot.

Podio allows you to keep all your information, from client lists to calendars to tasks, in one place. It cuts down on emails, and allows you to access everything you need even if you’re not in the office. The best part is its unlimited potential! Whatever tools you need for your business, you can create in Podio – the possibilities for customization are endless.

Interested in getting Podio up and running in your office? We’d love to help! We are the only Podio authorized partner in Victoria, and are happy to answer any questions you have, or help you get started with Podio. If you want to find out more, check out our website or get in touch.