Employee Time Tracking, Simplified

Keeping track of hours worked and time spent on projects can be tricky. Paper timesheets are easily lost in the general office chaos, and there isn’t always a straightforward way to track exactly how much time is spent on each project that comes across your desk. If your business charges by the hour, invoicing can become a nightmare. For teams of all sizes, Podio can be fully customized to track time and connect timesheets to projects, clients, and deliverables.

Creating A Timesheet

We’ve found that opening a tab in your browser or on your phone at the start of the day with a new timesheet makes it easy to add details while you work. A new timesheet looks like this:

The day and time slots are convenient to edit:

And it’s easy to track exactly how you spent your time.

Going Back in Time!

When it comes time to do payroll or send out invoices, there’s several ways to view past timesheets.

List view:

Card view:

Calendar view:

These are just the basics – there are endless ways to customize Podio to meet your business’ needs.

If you’d like more information about Podio, or want some help getting started, let us know!