Do Good.
07 January 2021

by Reuben Butterfield

Do Good.

We aren’t gear providers, yet we work on a wide range and growing number of gear projects these days. We keep running into a similar issue over and over again: garments are made in unsustainable and damaging ways, and clients are seeking something different. Something better. A softer, more intentional way.

So we spent some time researching ethically sourced and produced garments made from organic and sustainable materials. We came across a number of really cool companies producing garments and gear in beautiful ways. From reclaimed materials in Canada to companies specifically created to lift women out of human trafficking in Kolkata, there are some really cool things happening in this industry.

Price points are improving as these products become more in demand, and as consumers, businesses can continue to influence this by making the choice to purchase with intention.

Ask your shirt printer or brand partner what they have available for ethical and sustainable products. If they aren’t currently carrying or working with anything in this area, challenge them to do so, and let’s all create a better tomorrow.


Whether it’s team uniforms or promotional garments for your gift shop, people are increasingly drawing to gear crafted with intention and purpose.

We’d love to see how we can help fully bring your brand to life and improve the experience and flow of your business! Reach out. Let’s have a virtual coffee and discuss your project and how we can help. Cheers!

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