COVID-19. We’re here.

The last couple of weeks have been really challenging around the world to say the least. In every business and team we work with, we’ve seen complete upheaval, a staggering number of sudden closures, hundreds of people laid off, and uncertainty at every turn.

That’s the less than lovely stuff we all know about. Let’s move on to the good… We’ve also seen the beauty of community and outpouring of love online, families becoming closer and teams coming together in ways they have not done in the past. So much beauty happening all around the world.

We’re aiming to assist our clients (current and new) in a number of ways, and look forward to discussing anything that’s on your mind. Some of the areas we’ve been discussing around here include:


Ensuring you have a response during this time is key. We can help with updating your online presence and message. Sometimes having an outside partner to help with your messaging can keep things a little more objective and clear.

Helping you work remotely

We can help move your workflow to the cloud with great tools such as Dropbox Business, Podio, Asana, G Suite, and many more. We’ve been working this way for years and can help map out the journey with you.

Innovative ideas

We are ideas people through and through. Ideas are the spice of what we do with and for our clients, and thinking through how businesses innovate and remain nimble and dynamic is an area that fires us up in a big way.


We work really closely with our clients, but one of the beautiful aspects of being external is that we maintain a little bit more objectivity in times of stress and might be looking at the market a little differently than you are. This adds real value when making key strategy decisions surrounding how you keep moving forward in this tough time.

Flexible engagement

This is something we have always been open to looking at with any of our clients and while we need to be very careful with our own cashflow in this time of course, we will do everything we can to work with you in a way that fits into a new way of doing business. Phasing projects in, splitting payments into monthly fees, and whatever else is needed to create a win/win scenario. We’re into it.

How are you keeping things fun and productive with your team?
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