The Victoria HarbourCats are Victoria's longest-standing baseball team, with plenty of talent both on the field and in the office. They have had several successful seasons, and are currently ramping up for their 2017 season.

We've been working with the HarbourCats since 2016, and have designed a responsive web site for the team and helped out with several other graphic design projects.


News & Schedule

The schedule of upcoming games are front and centre on the HarbourCats homepage, and is easily navigable by use of a slider. The Tickets page is displayed in vibrant orange in the header, so it is easily visible from any page.

We also included the team's latest news updates directly below the schedule, so fans would have all the latest information right in front of them on the team's homepage.


Roster & Sponsors

We created the team roster and sponsor page keeping in mind the need for frequent updates to both pages. The result is a clean, simple layout that is straightforward for the team to update as their roster and sponsors change.



We've worked with the HarbourCats on several other graphic design projects, including a calendar, schedule, and, most recently, graphics for their front office window. The HarbourCats took an innovative approach to choosing a final concept for the window, and held a Facebook vote to determine the winner!

The final design features Royal Athletic Park as a backdrop, with a darkened overlay to make the HarbourCats wins, social media, and tickets stand out. We also created a Facebook and Twitter cover to match!

"When the Victoria HarbourCats needed a new website, MicroBrand stepped up to the plate to design and build a clean, efficient and ideal website. An agency marked by skill and integrity -- and they hit a grand slam for us."

Jim Swanson, Managing Partner, Victoria HarbourCats