MicroBrand does several community sponsorships every year, and each one gets more rewarding. In early 2015 we began a great project with HeroWork, a great organization based in Victoria doing amazing things.

The main project we did was a community directory to showcase all the great local businesses, designers and trades who sponsor HeroWork Radical RenovationsThis allows HeroWork to continue to grow in their efforts and reach new heights in their projects and as an organization by showcasing sponsor businesses and the good work they do. The directory is open to the public and provides a listing of businesses who are serious about community involvement.

Additionally, we provided branding tweaks, graphic design and WordPress management support to HeroWork through some additional projects, such as the creation of a 12 page printed booklet, event posters, and more.

See the article about MicroBrand’s involvement written by the HeroWork team here.
See the Community Directory here.
Learn more about HeroWork here. 



Community Directory

HeroWork has an association model based on old fashioned barn raisings where they rally significant community effort and involvement to create massive change for other non-profits and to renovate aging buildings and infrastructure at a fraction of the usual cost.

HeroWork wanted to provide a way to give back to, and showcase the many great businesses who help on Radical Renovations, and the HeroWork Community Directory was born.

The directory allows yet another way for the organization to spread the message about the great work they are doing while providing a location on the web for individuals and businesses to seek companies who have been involved with HeroWork and actively get involved in the community.

While being a fairly simple site in terms of functionality, we needed to adapt to an existing brand style and create a visual system of tiers for the different levels of volunteer efforts of those showcased on the directory.

The result is an elegant finished directory that puts people looking for like-minded businesses into direct contact with great community businesses in a quick, simple and easy to use way.



Branding Projects

In addition to the HeroWork Community Directory, we provided graphic design and branding support to the association on several projects of varying size and complexity.

We’re looking forward to a long term relationship with the HeroWork team and believe wholly in the great work they are doing!


"Reuben approached me wanting to get involved with HeroWork, a non-profit that organizes Radical Renovations for worthy charities. Inspired, he offered to develop a new Contractor Directory for our program. Working with MicroBrand was a great experience, and Reuben was solution orientated, creative, clear, kind and results focused throughout the design and construction of our Directory. The results are sure to turn heads! Thanks Reuben and MicroBrand!"

Paul Latour - HeroWork, Victoria BC