We got a call from Lochside Lane Equestrian Ltd. in the summer of 2015 to help create a new website. In our initial meetings, we discovered that their existing website was about 15 years old, and other than the odd content update here and there, it had not been updated or adjusted at all.

It’s pretty rare to see a website of that age, and certainly time for a overhaul!



Logo Modernization

The existing logo for Lochside Lane was of a prized horse that had passed away, and they wanted to retain that concept through the work we did. The typography, styling and layout of the logotype however really needed to be adjusted. So with the parameters clearly defined for what we could and could not change, we presented several options for the updated version and settled on changes that honoured and respected the original logo while modernizing it and allowing for the next phase of brand presence.



Website to Inform

Determining what’s important in a website and brand update project takes listening and discovery. At the start of this project, the objectives were pretty clear that the website was intended to sell horses to an international market, but as we worked together with the client to create initial design concepts, it became clear that a sales focus was less critical than originally thought, and that events at their facility were of increasing importance.

We integrated an events system into the website that allows them to create and share individual events complete with a PDF flyer, registration information, and social optimization. 



Website to Sell

While integrating a greater focus on information, events, local amenities and facilities, we didn’t lose focus on the original goal of creating a website to help sell horses to an international market.

We created a stylish system where individual horse sales could be created with photo-rich layouts, integrated video, and convenient -yet not pushy or annoying- calls to action. 



Flyers, Events & Stationery

A brand update project doesn’t stop at a new website. With this client we extended and complimented the updated logo and new site by designing a stationery system that can be used as a strong, cohesive and consistent base for everything they put together moving forward.

From a sales flyer featuring multiple high value horses through to updated business forms, we created elegant documents for digital viewing and professional printing. 


"I am so thrilled with my new website created by Reuben at MicroBrand! Reuben has provided me with above and beyond great service and attention to detail to make me completely satisfied. We’ve developed a website I am proud of and excited to send people to everyday."

Tanya Hardy - Lochside Lane Equestrian Ltd. Victoria BC