Brand Management

We’ve been working with Century Group for five years to refine and maintain their national presence across Canada. We started by making some adjustments to modernize their existing logo, and have worked closely with them over the years to keep the visual identity looking great across a range of channels.



We’ve created a partnership approach with this client to responding to large construction project RFPs. These are complex projects, typically with significant schedule challenges, and every one is unique in many ways.


Branded Vehicles

In 2018 we continued to refresh and modernize the brand and started rolling out to various vehicles.


Website Maintenance

We started working with Century Group via a website project rescue. They had been working with a provider and the process had hit a wall. We were engaged to finalize the website and have continued to maintain it over the years.


Project Photography

We’ve also partnered with Century Group to capture photos of their projects upon completion. These are often modern projects with a focus on bright, colourful and contemporary interiors.