Holli Benjamin Horticulture is a small, quality-driven garden management and design business based in Victoria, BC. We worked with Holli on an earlier iteration of her website, but an evolving marketplace and refined business focus called for an overhaul in 2015.

The objectives were to create something simple, elegant, streamlined and clean to showcase the great work the owner and her team do in gardens in and around Victoria, BC.

The website is intended to be clean and stylish, while providing a vibrant experience from the moment someone lands on the website.



A new colour scheme

Instead of a separate gallery page on the site, we went with a photographic-rich layout where we included brilliant colours to provide a vibrant contrast to the black and white appearance of the website. These appear as thumbnail strips throughout the website, loading to beautiful, crisp, high resolution photos when clicked and can be scrolled through to work as a gallery on every page.



Responsive Design

As part of every project we undertake, there was a significant focus on mobile optimization to ensure a smooth appearance and experience on every device from mobile phones to tablets to giant retina screens.


"Reuben created an amazing website for me. It truly reflects my work, my personality and aims at the type of clients I want to attract.
He was a pleasure to work with, and super savvy. It was a fun, collaborative process and he seemed to know exactly what I was trying to communicate.
I highly recommend Reuben as someone who can not only build the perfect website for your business, he also creates a tidy package of branding that adds sophisticated professionalism to any business."

Holli Benjamin - HB Horticulture, Victoria BC