We need to balance business marketing and sustainability while also keeping everything else alive in our business. Full time experienced design, marketing and sustainability roles are typically not a reality, yet professional, dedicated, focused effort and vision is required.

Our experience is that small & medium businesses hit walls in three key areas:

Consistent action

Competing ideas and priorities

Staying current and objective


Through a deep understanding and appreciation for how brands can improve the lives of many and solve problems large and small, we approach everything with a sense of wonder and possibility for creating change:

01. Discuss

Every project begins with a discussion. We ask questions. Sometimes we push back a little. Sometimes we seek to understand more deeply. Sometimes we get overly excited. And it all starts with a discussion.

02. Clarify

Based on our discussion, we’ll strive to clarify and streamline. What are we doing? Where are we going? How will we know when we’ve arrived? What impact are we creating? How do we want people to feel when interacting with what we are creating?

03. Design

Now the real fun begins! We roll up our sleeves and get to work on concepts. Sometimes we will have something really great in mind on the first round, sometimes we’ll take a few kicks at the can. We have fun nailing the design every time.

04. Implement

This is where ideas and concepts come to life. It might be a really cool printed piece made of reclaimed materials or ethically sourced and created gear, or a new website. We help bring ideas to life.

05. Partner

We don’t ghost! We stick around and evaluate results with you over time and aim to be with you to celebrate every win along the way. We’ll seek to be a part of your team enough to have harmony and flow, and be just removed enough that we contribute energized ideas worth getting excited about.




Reuben lives in Brentwood Bay and has been on the Saanich Peninsula for over 15 years. With a wide range of business and project management experience across different industries, he gets excited for each new client relationship and project that we take on. Passionate about design, creative problem solving, and working with people doing cool stuff.

Summed up: Hiker dad. Two amazing kids. Geeky iPhone flower photographer. Likes espressos pulled a little longer than baristas are comfortable with. Eats too much peanut butter. Maybe a bit of a hopeless romantic. Idea generator.

Favourite sayings: “Tizzyf*ck” or “Hey, just for fun, let’s…”

Favourite Instagram account you should follow: @the.kouncil




Aiva spent many years in Edinburgh, Scotland. She’s an incredibly detailed and meticulous artist and strives for simplicity, elegance and excellence in everything she touches. Her passion for design and creative brand expression shines through in everything we send out the door.

Summed up: Traveller. Artist. Foodie. Wine lover. Thinker. Passionate about leaving things
better than she found them.

Favourite sayings: “Ok, but…”

Favourite Instagram account you should follow: Nope, put the phone away.


It has been a pleasure establishing this relationship and the progress we have made in such a short amount of time is very much due to Reuben’s collaborative approach. This is how I would like all our supplier and contractor relationships to be.

Natasha, Brentwood Bay Resort

mBrand delivered results! Branding, photography, print and web design. Flexible and knowledgeable throughout the process and always mindful of our budget. I strongly recommend!

JP, Constructive Building Partners

There is a confidence behind their work –crisp, on point and professional. Always eager to dive into creative adventures and are supportive and dynamic as brand managers

Andria, Spruce