A Softer Path – Tee Shirts
07 January 2021

by Reuben Butterfield

A Softer Path – Tee Shirts

In some recent research into sustainable gear lines available we came across one in particular that we wanted to give a little shout out to. They’re called Freeset, and they have a pretty cool story.

The shirts are handmade by survivors of sex trafficking in Kolkata. This opportunity for employment provides access to healthcare, literacy education and key social services.

When we came across this company, we got pretty excited about their approach, and in reaching out to them to see how we could learn more about trying their shirts for some upcoming projects, we were thrilled to discover that there’s an independent representative who carries their product right here in Victoria, and a larger one in Vancouver, so access to their product is fairly straightforward, which we’ve found to be a bit of a challenge with some of these cool producers.

We love the idea of buying locally and regionally first of course, but that seems a little challenging still in the garment industry, so we default to looking at something cool and intentional where we can make a difference. This company fits the bill in that regard for us. We talk about sustainable ethically produced gear over here as well, check it out.

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